The recovery industry, supporting our fellow key workers video

You may will have heard about this from the IVR, or other source but if not this is the background.

A few of us are working on a video at the suggestion of Mac Hobbs to promote the INDEPENDENT RECOVERY OPERATORS who as usual are invisible to the rest of the world despite being KEY WORKERS! If it is good enough we will use our contacts at the CSRRR (Campaign for Safer Roadside Rescue and Recovery) to try and get it on the box.

The plan is to make the video with a series of 16 screens showing 16 VRO’s all saying the same thing. Attached is a more detailed description and some tips. I have also made an instructional video for people to see what I want/need to work with. Lastly, I have put a copy of our first attempt at the bottom of this page - Please help by making yours now and getting it in before the 10th of May

The instructional Video is below and you should also download written instruction about what to do with the video by Clicking Here

Below is our first attempt but we need at least 16 more recordings to get the two screen of 16 we want.