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You are probable here to look at one the many videos I have produced about the recent history of Brooklands and its Museum, or perhaps your interest is Vehicle and Aircraft Recovery. You may have an interest in one of the many events I have covered, but whatever the reason you will find an index to them all below and to make it easier to search they are divided into playlists for each major subject.

However, if you are here because you want help with a video project, or just want to know a bit more about what I do as a hobby, then please click the 'About link' above to go to a different page.

The Playlists

Modern Brooklands Videos (i.e. after 2000)

This playlist is made up of recent videos I have made that are associated with Brooklands. These include some Aircraft Recoveries, like the transportation of the Brooklands Vimy after it landed at Brooklands. Behind the scenes at some of the Museums weekend events like the Double Twelve and New Year motoring events. Inside the famous Barnes Wallis Stratosphere Chamber and Balloon Hangar Moving the Brooklands Concorde and Concorde Model. Aviation fly-ins and much more, most of which is in HD quality and more recently 4K UHD.

Older Brooklands Videos (i.e. before 2000)

This playlist contains miscellanies videos that are associated with Brooklands that I made when MD of National Rescue from around 1983 up to 1999. These includes the Recovery of many of the current Aircraft, plus some that have now gone to other locations. Early site clearance videos, show parts of Brooklands long gone and there is some rare footage of early fly-ins. It also includes some of the fund raising trips we took in Vickers Viscounts, with some live Viscount Cockpit footage (but don't tell the CAA).

Older Vehicle and Aircraft Recovery (i.e. 1980 -2000)

Again these are older videos from my years at National Rescue. This is not quality videoing, more often than not, I was working under pressure to get the job done and so videoing became secondary to the task in hand. It shows accidents on (or off) the A3, M3 and M25 and how we dealt with them. (BTW You can also see some of our aircraft recoveries in these playlist if recovery interests you). Anyone in the game today, may wonder how we lived through it, without the help of H and S! I know I do when I look at them now.

Modern Vehicle and Aircraft Recovery items (i.e. after 2000)

This playlist is made up of more recent recovery videos I have made. These include some Aircraft Recoveries, like the transportation of the Brooklands Vimy after it landed at Brooklands. Moving aircraft including the Brooklands Concorde and Concorde Model. The time myself a few recovery friends were invited to REMA Bordon to see how tank recovery is done. There are a couple of videos on Milly Tant my historic AEC Mk1 Militant and much more, most of which is again in super HD quality.

Mayday (Emergence Service Vehicles Day) Events at Brooklands

Brooklands Museum Emergency Services Mayday events, are held each year on the May Day Monday and attracts Emergency Vehicles from all sectors and services, including Fire Brigades, Police Forces, Ambulance Services, Recovery Services and The Military. This event continues to grow year on year in popularity and presents an exciting but safe environment for you to witness the serious nature of what men and women do all over the country every day to make our world safe and save lives and of course meet Fireman Sam

Brooklands New Year's Day Classic Car Event

Each year on New Year's Day Brooklands Museum lays open the site to anyone with an interesting classic car, the only restriction is on age of vehicle. The weather is often bad, but it does not stop, Capri, A30, A40, Escort, Minor, Cortina, Cambridge, 2000, 3500, P5, Allegro, Jag, Transit, MG and most other classics you can think of, from turning up.

All my Double Twelve - Vintage Car Day Videos in one playlist

This playlist is from the recreated historic double twelve event at Brooklands Museum it is one of the biggest events and goes on over two days. It was recreated to remember that on the 28 and 29 of June 1907 just eleven days after the Brooklands circuit opened, the world's first 24 hour motor event on a closed circuit, took place at Brooklands. However in the years that followed, objections from local residents meant that the race was modified into two 12 hour sections from 8am to 8pm, with the cars locked away overnight. Here you can get a flavour of this annual occurrence from years 2010 through to this year.

All my Auto Italia - Italian Car Day Videos in one playlist

This playlist is from the Auto Italia Event at Brooklands Museum again it is one of the biggest events of the year at Brooklands, celebrating the UK’s obsession with all things Italian. Each year the site is full of all types of Italian cars (and a few motorbikes). This playlist shows all the videos from over the last few years that I have covered it. It includes vehicles arriving, flying around the Mercedes Benz World (MBW) and vehicles going up Test Hill.

Early Dunsfold Wings and Wheels (the way the public don't normally get to see it)

For the very first two Wings and Wheels Cdr. Crutch and myself operated the Tower. As the event grew 'professional' event organisers were brought in and I looked after (among other things) the recovery of the display vehicles. When I could, I recorded some items from the 'Behind the scenes' as it were. You can see aircraft like the two Lancaster that visited in 2014 and of course the incredible Vulcan, Harriers, Hunters and Daks. Plus some incredible cars -You can even go round parts of the Top Gear circuit in the Napier-Railton!

Re-Engineering Brooklands and the track playlist

This Playlist is largely about the Re-Engineering of the Brooklands site in Weybridge and Byfleet. No longer a 'Race Track' it is home to many business and the Brooklands Museum. The museum part of the estate is undergoing an extensive development including a new flight shed and the relocation of the Brooklands Bellman Hangar. It also covers the relocation of the Brooklands Concorde, Vimy and Wellington Aircraft. It remembers some of the buildings demolished to make way for the new and perhaps most significantly an ongoing aerial record of the historic Brooklands Banked Race Track.

Aerial Footage (UK and abroad)

This small but growing playlist is made up of videos I have made largely with the DJI Phantom Quad-copter (Drone), that I think may interest other people .I always enjoy filming interesting building, or landscapes and always do it for free! Firstly because I enjoy it and secondly, the moment you use a Quad-copter commercially, it becomes very complicated (CAA Approval, etc.). So if you have somewhere interesting you want filmed from the air, please feel free to ask.

All my Aviation or Aviation related Videos in one playlist

As most visitors to my 'Free Stuff' are aviation enthusiasts, I have gathered all my aviation related videos from 1983 to present into one long Playlist, (they are also in their relevant playlists as well). It include some rare footage of some very interesting retired aircraft, both on the ground and in the air. It also shows a few of the many recoveries myself and other members of BREAST (Brooklands Recovery Engineering And Salvage Team) have carried out over the last 30 plus years See

All my Vickers Vimy related Videos in one playlist

The famous Vimy replica has flown around the world, recreating many of the record flights its fellow Vimys made almost a 100 years ago. Here are some of the videos in time order about the background to its eventual final landing at Brooklands the birth place of the Vimy. For aircraft recovery fans it also show how I roped in some recovery mates and with their help transported it into the Museum by road.

Items about the Elliott School once at Putney and Southfields playlist but now lost to us

I was lucky enough to go to school in 1958, to the brand new Elliott Comprehensive school at Putney Heath. There were some 2500 of us there, but incredibly a lot of us have kept in touch and there is a website that I maintain. Fifty odd years after I left the school we had a reunion there and I was very sad to see how this wonderful building had deteriorated. However, like all good stories it has a happy ending, in that recently the School has been refurbished. This was not without controversy as part of the school grounds were sold off, to pay for the work and the Elliott name was lost when it became the ARK Putney academy.

Personal Videos mainly for friends, family and those that like to Travel

These are what you may call my Home and Family videos and if you know some of the family and any of my crazy friends, they may amuse you and explain why I am like I am. There is also a lot about the traveling we have done ranging from the crazy 10-4 event in LA we were guests at, to exploring the world down under. Many people will recall the MASH 4077 Camp, in this section we show you how to get to what remains of the film set. You can also Canoe the Historic River Wey beneath the old Brooklands Circuit and get a surprise!

Or you can ignore the playlist and click here to see all the videos (around 500) in date posted order